Saturday, November 29, 2008

Anand Argwala's Bumptop on a Multitouch Wall

After a night of late night scrounging, I found Anand demoing his very intriguing UI.

The video suggests several design concepts that would work very well in a table top, multiuser scenario...

1. 1-point perspective. This helps keep the illusion of depth when viewed from all sides.

2. Using a "room" to simulate depth.

3. Pinning content to a side wall and then scaling it on the z axis to make space on the table. An expanding tray/wall that rotates out to become become a temporary "roof" instead of moving the floor might look less cool. It would also be less disturbing to other users.

The Bumptop website claims that their video on tablet computing is the most watched video on youtube, ever. Not sure about that, but here it is...quite cool.

1. Many of the group selection/sorting metaphors seem highly relevant to nultitouch.

2. The cornucopia of display options seem like they could be modified for multitouch. In reality, you only want a couple in an app. Otherwise users get confused. The endless file display options in Vista come to mind.

3. Highly intuitive tools to sort content on the z axis as well the traditional xy plane.

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