Thursday, November 20, 2008

Scaling and organizing the Multitouch workspace

One of the core issues with most multitouch devices is that they are WAAAAY to small and low resolution to manage large sets of information all at once. They need a widget to conveniently contain and access information and applications on the fly...much like Spaces on the Macintosh or that Aero thing in Vista.

For a bunch of reasons, scaling the background (like pptPlex) is a convenient way to do this. As tasks requirements change, it might also be useful to reorganize background "plates".

Check out this early test from Infostrat. Might a controller, sort of like this like make an interesting solution?

What about if the background were thought of as a sphere so that the top of the screen seamlessly mapped to the bottom...

Any thoughts? Comments welcome.

1 comment:

  1. This could work for a set of controllers if clustering of the options could happen. The issues is how much does the user need to interact with the controller to understand what is hidden out of view.

    If the options were somehow grouped initially and that over time my personal preferences could mold the grouping it would be of value.