Monday, November 3, 2008

What is Point and Do...and why should you do it?

Here are some great examples of Point and Do on Surface.

Over the past several years, academics have been playing around with a concept called direct manipulation...the illusion that when you touch content on a screen, it direcctly affects that content...instead of using checkboxes, buttons and the like. A very cool idea with avery dumb name.

Jeff Han's Perceptive Pixel is likely the best known example of this idea.

While Jeff's stuff is undoubtedly neat, it, like the term Direct Manipulation smack of academia.

As Microsoft Surface and similar products come on line, we suggest "Point and Do" as a simpler, more accessible term that includes the breadth of experiences that they will make possible.

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  1. Point and do is way cool. Thanks for the nice blog.