Tuesday, December 16, 2008

pp. 12-16, Components of NUI Systems

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a. Sensors – Comparators – Actuators
i. Current Sensor Types in Mass Usage

The book describes a range of sensors that are in mass usage. This is interesting, but the big question is why were the sensors, and for that matter, comparators and actuators adopted. When you look at the arc of adoption of all of the sensors listed above, it is inversely related to cost.

Check out this link on the Foster Curve for more info

Dan Klitsner of KID Group, one of the most successful inventors of interactive toys, successfully uses the reliability of this metrics to identify opportunities and to project which toy concepts will be most successful.

- Which sensors, comparators and actuators are most likely freefall in the next two years?

- How can you leverage them?

- What is the Foster Curve for multi-touch likely to look like?

- How will that impact adoption in your space?

b. Overview of Multi-touch Systems
i. Resistive
ii. Surface Wave
iii. Capacitive/Dielectric
iv. Infrared
v. Vision Systems
1. FTIR - Frustrated Total Internal Reflection
2. DI – Diffused Illumination
a. Front
b. Rear

www.nuigroup.com is a great resource for more info about these things.

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