Tuesday, December 16, 2008

pp. 7-11, A Brief History of Gestures

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Big Events in the History of Gestures

a. Started in 1982 at U of Toronto
b. First touchscreens in restaurant order systems in the late 1980s
c. First PC HP 150

d. There are a spate of “office of the future” research projects in the early 1990’s
e. Kiosks move into public facilities and retail in the late 90’s and early 00’s

f. VR gloves play a niche role in the gaming industry
g. 2006, Nintendo introduces Wii
h. 2007, Apple introduces iPhone

i. Other handset manufacturers introduce multitouch
ii. Jeff Han’s hardware is featured on CNN
iii. Microsoft launches Surface

Edwin Schlossberg of ESIDesign once turned to me and said, you know interactive technology isn’t new. A light switch is interactive.

Yup, gestural interaction has been bopping around in different incarnations longer than either Apple or Microsoft want us to believe.


  1. Bill Buxton made some comments to me where I got some things wrong w/r/t the history of touchscreens:


  2. I was not knowing that the touchscreen came into picture in 1980, I thought it might have been almost around 1987. Kiosks has made a good place now and still they are moving up much better.

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