Tuesday, December 16, 2008

p. 12, Pubic Restrooms and Freeform gestures

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a. Adoption driven by:

i. Low cost sensors
ii. Cost issues
iii. Hygene

NUI is cool...but what is going to drive sales? I like this post because it points to two key issues related to Multitouch:
1. Multitouch, esp. Vision systems will have to difficulty retrofitting into existing environments.
- Ambient Infrared (During the elections, MSNBC had to filter all the lights in their studio in order to use Surface).
- Hygene (esp. in healthcare environments).
- Formfactor (it's hard to sit down and use Surface...there's nowhere to put your knees).

2. What's the price/performance ratio. Application development for Surface is running about $100-300k right now. I could design, prototype and get well into manufacturing an IR-controlled paper towel dispenser for that price.

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