Friday, December 12, 2008

Clarity Consulting Delivers 3 Surface Demos

Clarity Consulting of Chicago recently dropped these three demos. This is an impressive first go around with multitouch on .wpf.

I'm a bit unclear about why these apps are implemented on Surface though. They could be modified to work on any two point multitouch device.

Here are my first impressions:

3D Media Viewer

Prototype 3D Media Viewer for Surface from Clarity Consulting on Vimeo.
This is filled with interesting ideas: 3D manipulation, contextual sorting, Media organization.

Here are a couple thoughts on improving it:
1. Use atmospheric distortion (warmer light in the front, cooler light in the back) to separate the foreground and background.
2. A tagging solution that makes it clear what each cluster of files is...esp. the small "file clusters" in the background.
3. A contextual markup menu that makes it simple to change search criteria.

T-Shirt Designer

Prototype T-Shirt Designer for Surface from Clarity Consulting on Vimeo.

This seems to be a rehash of IdentityMine's Snowboard Designer application. See below:

Surface Promo from IdentityMine on Vimeo.
Aside from a $100k of flashy polish, three things make the snowboard app. more compelling:
1. Progressive disclosure. New task options and content are introduced as they are needed.
2. Interactive elements (like the color picker) are tightly coupled to the content that they effect.
3. The way that content animates into place suggests what to do and what order to do it in.


Prototype Whiteboard for Surface from Clarity Consulting on Vimeo.

The demo looks cool, and there are a number of interesting elements. I like how an untagged artifact is being used to erase and that the whiteboard is scalable.

It's unclear to me how a user would discover key features like scale and save.

It would be great to have:
1. A tool that enables users to make marks that are both more (like a pencil) and less (like a sponge) precise than their hands.

2. A tool that lets users select, cut, paste and save parts of their paintings.

Hi Clarity Consulting. Welcome to the Surface Community. We look forward to seeing more great work!

~ Your Friends at the Peanut Gallery

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