Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chapter 1, Part 3 Outline: How to Design a Gesture

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7. Gestural Interfaces

a. Characteristics of:

i. Discoverable

ii. Trustworthy

iii. Responsive

iv. Meaningful

v. Smart

vi. Clever

vii. Playful

viii. Pleasurable

ix. Good

b. Attributes of Gestures

i. Presence

ii. Position

iv. Motion

v. Pressure

vi. Size

vii. Orientation

viii. Including Objects

ix. Number/combinations of Touchpoints

x. Sequence

xi. Number of Participants.

c. Interface Conventions

i. Cursors

ii. Hovers

iii. Double-Click

iv. Right Click

v. Drop Down Menus

vi. Cut & Paste

vii. Multiselect

viii. Select Default Buttons

ix. Undo

d. States and Modes

i. Switching between states and modes should be avoided.

8. Determining the Appropriate Gesture

a. Elements of a Gesture

i. Sensors

ii. Steps in Task

iii. Physiology of Body

b. Using People to Determine the Right Gesture

i. If you watch users in situ, they will often act out the right gesture, naturally.

c. Matching the Gesture to the Behavior

i. There is generally an intuitive freeform gesture for any given command.

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