Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Characteristics of Good Gestural Interfaces, pp. 19-22

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From Dan Saffer's, Designing Gestural Interfaces, pp. 19-22

Discoverable, Trustworthy, Responsive, Meaningful, Smart, Clever, Playful, Pleasurable, Good.


Here are my criteria for a good interface:


Interactions are easy to discover, get to and repeat

(Unless they have the potential to be destructive or security risks)


The features actually make life easier by either:

Adding functionality

Combining sets of commands in a more intuitive way

Increasing navigability.


The feature bloat helps users achieve tasks they care about

by decreasing the effort, frustration and knowledge required to accomplish their task.

Dan’s insightful and exhaustive list seems to fit into these categories.

Josh Blake of Infostrat, Lynn Marentette of interactivemultimediatechnology.com and I have already started a discussion about this at:


Please, chime in!

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