Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Portable Microsoft Surface?

I'm guessing this is a spoof, but it's awful well done for vaporware. Maybe it is a leak after all.

Microsoft's multitouch branding is COMPLETELY confused right now.

Using Surface as an umbrella brand for its impending suite of .wpf/hardware multitouch solutions is a very compelling idea. If this is actually happening, a major shakeup within the consumer/devices/entertainment parts of the organization is also in the works. Could this be related to the recent investment in N-Trig????

What are your thoughts?


  1. That is great production - right up until the logo shows up. That part is poorly done and seems disjointed.

    Would love to see it made tho :)

  2. Cool video, looks like it's a fan video though. The youtube channel it comes from has other video/graphic art projects. Could be wrong though.

    I'm more interested in this though: Leaked Windows Mobile 7 docs

  3. I haven't seen the "leaked" docs and probably am not free to comment on them either way.

    What I can say is that MS has an excellent team and roadmap for mobile. They will give RIM and Apple a serious run for their money.

    On the subject of the fan vid, the Surface bit is clearly a placeholder. Noone capable of the first 29 seconds would finish the spot like that...and isn't it suspicious that this dropped on the same day as the documents? :~}

  4. The leaked doc post was from the 9th, while this video was from the 15th. I really wish it were real but I have doubts.

    The video could have just been a mashup -- the Intel spot is readily available, and the middle could have been from somewhere else. The ending was mocked up.

    I'd love to get a WinMo7 Surface device with Verizon.

  5. At the end: "nu verkrijgbaar" is Dutch for "now available."