Thursday, January 15, 2009

Video of Multitouch Collaboration Tool

Here's a great multitouch previsualization from Dominic Kennedy, a senior at Fachhochschule Aachen, Germany. from Dominic Kennedy on Vimeo.

Here's his website:

While the video is chock-full of usability issues, it's great to see compositing tools being used. We do a lot of After Effects previz to show ideas to clients and highly recommend it!

It's nice to see that he is exploring many elements of the interaction framework we outlined earlier this month.

I would be interesting to see more exploration of depth and of subtle cues that suggest/remind users which ideas were interesting and help enhance exploration. My colleague, Win Burleson does a lot of research into this area.

Here's the link to his research at ASU.

His PhD. project at the MIT Media Lab also suggests interesting ideas about sensing and cues in learning and creative environments.

How might Dominic take his project to the next level? Comments please :~}

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  1. While the first video didn't seem to introduce much that we haven't seen before (aside from maybe the previz compositing) one thing that really is interesting is that resting hand gesture (though I'd rather call it a posture.) Allowing users to rest their hands on the table and then become "one" with it, like many people are "one" with their keyboard when they touchtype, can go a long way towards making the user experience natural. Designing the interface with human ergonomics in mind is always a good thing.