Monday, February 16, 2009

New Demo Videos From Infusion

A few months ago, I called up Greg Brill (no relation), founder of infusion to talk about what they are doing on Surface. Needless to say, it was a hilarious cold call. He graciously invited me over to chat. I was impressed and think they are a great team.

Infusion is an ~200 person Microsoft VAR with a large focus on sales in the middle east and a dedicated Surface UX team based out of Canada. To my knowledge, they are the largest committed buyer of Surface units.

Last week, Infusion put a bunch of new marketing content out on the interweb. Here they are in all their glory.


With the Stimulus package's focus on electronic medical records, everyone's trying to sidle up to Microsoft Healthvault. Infusion is no exception.

Internknowlogy dropped an incredible similar demo last year.

News Reader
Video of this has been sitting on infusion's website, so I assume it is them...While the interaction is really natural, I look at a number of "advanced" features like the rotating ring and wonder how discoverable they are.

I am also concerned about speed of use on this...maybe I am different than the rest of the world. I monitor ~200 posts a day on 50+ RSS feeds to bring this blog to you. Browsing on a reader like this would be torture.

Falcon Eye
Infusion has been out pounding the pavement with this for a number of months now. It has a range of interesting functionality, but as with most GIS multitouch demos, it seems to lack in depth...a petro-geologist will have very different needs than a city planner.

I like the integration of 3D overlays onto what looks like Virtual Earth. From a development viewpoint, this is a neat trick...but the hardware may not be ready for prime time...take a look at the lag time in loading 3D assets.

Lazzarra Yachts
I'm not sure if they are serious about this...but it looks like infusion is attempting to skin Falconeye with interface components from Newsreader. It's worth a a watch just for the over the top video!

If you want more infusion goodness, you can find more here.

I am always glad to showcase Multitouch Design Leaders. If you have content you think I should be showing, please ping me at the email to the left.


  1. That Lazzara Yacht video is pretty funny, but I actually think they are smart to target a high-end niche market like that. Surface is clearly struggling to find mainstream buyers with its current form-factor.

    And I have to agree with you on the newsreader app. I suppose it might be OK as another distraction in a hotel lobby, but I wouldn't even think about using it daily.

    In general, the exceedingly shallow and (arguably) over-simplified multi-touch demos are really getting tiresome. I like the health care app for its potential in facilitating better communication, but ultimately it's still just a big scatterview with some pictures and video. I hope people are building things a lot more interesting than this behind closed doors.

  2. What else would you like to see built on top of this GIS tool called Falcon Eye?

  3. I would imagine a lot of field force management opportunities. You could put it in French nuclear submarines. Maybe it could help them figure out how to not run into the Brits.

    I was a bit snarky about putting surface on a super yacht, but it's not the worst idea to target refits of super high end yachts. If you can't buy a new one this week, you can add toys to your old one.

    Seriously, I think that the naval/military applications are probably the most compelling. In this context, surface is a low cost game changer.

    Air traffic control is another opportunity for Surface as a GIS tool.