Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pressure Sensitivity, The Next Multitouch Horizon

It seems that the next multitouch feature is going to be pressure sensitivity. One of the major issues in managing the sensitivity of touch event. To much sensitive and they are all over the place. Too little and users need to try 14 times for anything to work.

Pressure sensitivity provides a much better way to register intent than blog size. Great idea!

There are at least two players in the field at this moment, Sima Systems, a small startup out of San Mateo www.simasystems.com and Stantum, makers of the Lemur.

Checkout engadget's video of the Lemur reference platform:


  1. this sensor also has pressure sensitivity: www.tou-chi.com.ar

  2. @Anonymous

    I took a look at this link and didn't see anything there. Could you double check it.

  3. Perceptive Pixel has offered pressure sensitivity for a while.