Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beautiful Surface Retail Application from d'strict

I didn't know that Surface was distributing in Korea yet, but it looks like the badasses at d'strict got their paws on one.

UX SOLUTION, TOUCH I Commercialization from phoebe on Vimeo.

While this application is really just a bobble in a retail playground, it points to how interactive video and 3D manipulation can work together to create amazing content.

It clarifies that the Surface hardware can actually look quite snappy when when installed in a proper case.


  1. that's really nice looking. It seems like the hardest part about building stuff like that is getting the content. It's amazing how few retailers have 3d models of their products. :)

  2. Yes, this has been my experience...and manufacturers only have parametric models.

    In the cases where I have done 3D work, I have always had to rebuild the content to make it light enough for realtime animation.

    I have some overseas companies I have worked with to do this inexpensively and an onshore CAD genius who has been extremely helpful.