Thursday, March 5, 2009

Designing Better Multitouch Affordances

In multitouch interface design, visual hints (affordances)are keystones for usability. While the MS Surface demos provide one vision of the user experience, there is plenty of room to better articulate how to use controllers and what to do with content.

I believe that motion, lighting and color are keys to achieving this.

Matt Lambert and Favorite Color put together this beautiful piece that I have found inspiring in my work. I hope you feel the same.

How could better lighting and motion design make your software exceptional?

Check out Matt Lambert at:


  1. Maybe it's too early, but I don't get it. That is a pre-rendered 3D animation. It is pretty, but how does it apply to interactive UX design? Maybe you can elaborate on the applications of motion, lighting, and color?

  2. Sure. I'm writing a book about it...the first chapter is about metaphors and affordances.

  3. When are you going to let me review that chapter?

  4. We are going as fast as we can, but there is so much basic information people need to know. In a lot of ways, it's like teaching people how to design from the ground up.

    It's not just talking about what is different from WIMP.

    We are needing to rearticulate the first principles that led to the original Mac, show where they apply and how new technologies like touch sensing modify them.

    It's a big task.