Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Great Multitouch Talks at SIGCHI

While there is no lack of conferences on human computer interaction, SIGCHI is the big mama and it's in Boston next week. I've been looking at the smorgasbord of papers on multitouch being presented CHI this year. These 9 talks seem really interesting. What do you think? What would you add or subtract?

1. User-Defined Gestures for Surface Computing
Jacob Wobbrock, University of Washington, Meredith Morris, Microsoft Research, Andrew Wilson, Microsoft Research

2. IMPAD - An Inexpensive Multitouch Pressure Aquisition Device
Ilya Rosenberg, Alexander Grau, Charles Hendee, Nadim Awad, Ken Perlin, New York University

3. SLAP Widgets: Bridging the Gap Between Virtual and Physical Controls on Tabletops

RWTH Aachen University / University of California, San Diego

4. Back-of-device Interaction allows creating very small touch devices
Patrick Baudisch + Gerald Chu, Microsoft Research

5. Bezel Swipe: Conflict-Free Scrolling and Multiple Selection on Mobile
Touch Screen Devices
Volker Roth, Thea Turner, FX Palo Alto Laboratory Inc.

6. MicroRolls: Expanding Touch-Screen Input Vocabulary by Distinguishing
Rolls vs. Slides of the Thumb

7. Occlusion-Aware Menu Design for Digital Tabletops

Peter Brandl, Thomas Seifried, Jakob Leitner, Michael Haller, Media Interaction Lab, Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences | Bernard Doray, Paul To, Nortel Networks

I'm really excited about this, but haven't found the paper yet! If you find a link, please pass it on. Update: I found this talk by Michael Haller that appears to cover the content. ~pp. 54-77

Tabletop Displays for Small Group Study: Affordances of Paper versus

Digital Materials
Anne Marie Piper, James D. Hollan, University of California, San Diego

9. VPlay: An Interactive Surface for Collaborative VJing

David Kirk, Richard Harper, Armando Garcia-Mendoza, Stuart Taylor, Shahram Izadi, Microsoft Research

VPlay: An Interactive Surface for VJing from Stuart Taylor on Vimeo.

Other Talks of Interest

The Performance of Touch Screen Soft Buttons
Shumin Zhai, IBM Almaden Research Center, Seungyon Claire Lee, Georgia Institute of Technology

Empirical Evaluation of Finger Input Properties in Multi-touch Interaction
Feng Wang, Xiangshi Ren A315, REN LAB, Kochi university of technology

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