Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Multitouch Application Round Up

Over the past couple of weeks a number of interesting multitouch apps have shown up on the interweb, and there are some great lessons to learn from them.

Illusion brings Their Skateboard Game to a Multitouch Table

One of the things that frequently gets forgotten in multitouch applications is that scale is incredibly important. This game is one of the top sellers on the iphone, but on a table, the interaction simply looks cumbersome. Lesson: Multitouch Apps won't necessarily port well between form factors.

New Game Demos from the Surface Team
Check out how the captured checkers and chess pieces be played with. This is a great, simple way to keep users entertained in turn-based applications. Also check out the "tiles" game (formerly known as circle pie). It's a great 360, multiuser interface.

Smart Table
Applications for the Smart Table use a range of simple affordances to encourage collaborative interaction. I like how applications have to be cancelled by clicking on two opposing corners simultaneously.

Art+Com's Touch Table for Otto Bock
These guys have been playing with touch tables as long as anyone around. Notice how they have minimzed any extranious content and oriented content in the direction from which users will actually use it. Can anyone say thank you for killing the friggin' scatterview?

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