Friday, April 24, 2009

Multitouch Design Roundup

The volume of demoware is just exploding. I wasn't able to review everything this week, so this means a double helping next week. Well, Here's your weekend entertainment:
Let's start with the Future of Haptic Interfaces!

MS Surface Mobile Demo

I really don't know what happened here. This seemed like such a good idea when it was conceptualized. The MS Surface UX team is pretty good, yet there are any number of subtle affordances that would make this application more usable. Did they lose control of the project?

Micro Rolls

I don't know much about this guy. He's from France, but he drops an intriguing video every couple of weeks. If you are watching, please drop a line!

Update: Thanks to Anne Roudaut, the author of this video for piping up. As she notes below, she is most definitely not a "he"'s a website with links to her exciting work We all look forward to seeing more soon!

Cool Controller Scheme from Gilles Bailley

He's a PhD. student at Telecom ParisTech has also been dropping some cool stuff. The French are really starting to take a leadership position in multitouch!

Random Eyecandy From Obscura

I was accidently at their first project in ~2003 and have been a fan ever since. It's not multitouch, but check this out!

Aquima on Surface

I'm not sure what or why, but it's probably useful to one of you out there. :~} According to the website, Aquima is a functional software development environment that enables you to easily model and design applications that match your business needs. By combining process management, document creation, content management, business rule management, and presentation functionality into one powerful development environment, Aquima enables you to engineer your business. All these parts are not coded by a programmer but can be configured by you.

Intuilab Photosorting Demo

While I think there is room for visual improvement, I really like the "tractor-beam" affordances.

Immotouch Real Estate Sales Tool

I'm unsure that their is a business behind this idea, but it's a great video for two reasons:
1. The use of ambient animation in the background creates a nice emotional experience
2. The living room set. Man, I wanna live in that future.

Reporting on the UK Launch of Surface

Identity Mine Talks About Their Gesture Engine API

The first half of the video is yet another variation of the Surface Wine Demo from CES 2008. The good stuff starts at ~6:00.


  1. Great job collecting these videos. I've been totally relying on you lately to find this stuff. You must have a massive list of feeds you're reading.

    on a different note, I've noticed your blog is totally bogging down lately in IE8 on windows7. (not sure if it's bad in other browsers) I don't know if it's the twitter feeds at the left or the large amounts of videos in each post. I'm having to load the videos in separate windows just to keep reading.

  2. Agree, kill the twitter feeds. They are very needy. I'm on FF3 on win7.

  3. I found a link to the paper of MicroRolls:

    A. Roudaut, E. Lecolinet, and Y. Guiard, "MicroRolls: expanding touch-screen input vocabulary by distinguishing rolls vs. slides of the thumb," in Proceedings of the 27th international conference on Human factors in computing systems. Boston, MA, USA: ACM, 2009.

  4. Hi,
    Very great job for collecting all these videos and thank you for posting mine !
    I'm a Phd candidate and i also work with Gilles Bailly and i'm a "she" ;-)
    You can download the paper and the video on my web site (