Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Multitouch LCD Trackpad on a Netbook

It seems like there is a lot of opportunity for improvement, the potential is unbelievable. I present to you the Sharp Mebius:

While I don't think that Americans will ever use the stylus feature, the ability to use Kanji or similar systems should be incredibly popular in Asia.

I'll need to look into it, but the spokesman claims that the Mebius is optical and can see outlines object...Potentially, this is the most exciting news of all!

Last year, I made a post predicting this product I am incredibly happy to see that it's a reality.

From a productivity point of view, I still wonder if a different layout like this wouldn't be more effective though...

It seems like it would be awefully hard to type and "mouse" at the same time.

You can see my review of the Asus Touch-enabled trackpad here

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