Monday, May 4, 2009

Round Up of Multitouch Videos, May 4

Every week, I try to do a roundup of cool multitouch ideas, videos and interactivity from around the web. We are starting to see an encouraging trend: external sensors being added to enhance multitouch interactivity. This is when Natural User Interfaces start to get really interesting. Check It Out!

XUI Concept Work By Surface Concept Designer Dane Storrusten

Multitouch PDA acts as a pointing device for a larger screen

This fusion of portable devices and large display is going to be a growing phenomenon over the next couple years.

TUIOMouse Preview from progen on Vimeo.

Sweet $49.95 RFID Reader

How can you not hook this up to Surface? Finally! A consumer RFID reader. Can't imagine how I missed this...I'm off to go buy one now!

Blockbuster Video Demo From Clarity Consulting

Interesting concept. From a usability viewpoint, many of the interface elements are undiscoverable. I like that they are exploring the use of sensors beyond the multitouch surface.


Dell's Studio One
An all in one for $699 is pretty cool, but the latency would render it useless for any serious applications.

Augmented Reality Demo from BMW.

While this isn't multitouch, it points to new ways to do service automation, one of the major markets for multitouch.

Some Nice Game Mechanics
In the last multitouch roundup, I said that multitouch applications have a lot to learn from game designers about using animation and creating addictive interactions. Here are a couple worth learning from:

Another Nice Game Mechanic

Yet Another Inspirational Game Mechanic

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