Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Multitouch Roundup May 13

This week has been light on new demos. The good news is that we are seeing more and more sensor integration into projects.

A Strategy for Managing Occlusion

Great work on creating dynamic controller layouts from Media Interaction Lab. How could this be applied to your next multitouch interface?

Interesting Keyboard Solution
We've played with a number of variations of this idea. They have worked extremely well...especially when done when the keys are well animated.

The Future of Books

We saw this on Monday at the NYU ITP Student Show. It's sucha a simple, beautiful idea. Check It Out

Bestiary from Caroline Brown on Vimeo.

Microsoft Demonstrates It's "Home of the Future"

It looks like the future of NUI will look like 9 years ago. Each and every one of the concepts is a direct rip from the the Counter Intelligence project at MIT, Circa 2001. I'm glad it's coming into being, but a future vision it's not.

Win 7 Sensor Platform
Yippeeee!! I can't wait to play with this!

Interesting Game Mechanics
This iphone game just looks like fun to interact with!

Nice Motion

As Gestural Interfaces become embedded into environments, we will need a design language to show what is important. This compilation of interactive dance from Chunky Move is incredibly inspirational to me.

Cool LED Curtain

We are starting to see flexible displays coming to market. U of Toronto recently showed an OLED display on a flexible substrate that looks like it has real promise. What woudl you do with something like this?

Thanks to Kevin at ICEAV for sending this over.

BMW Kinetic Sculpture

You might have seen this, and its not completely relevant, but holy cow, it's cool!

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