Thursday, June 18, 2009

Multitouch Application Round Up, Jun 18

Several Important Trends are Emerging

1. We are seeing more explorations of how cameras and touch interfaces can work in concert to provide richer user experiences. This trend has been building for a coupe of months now, but it's starting to pick up steam.

2. Non-Apple mobile vendors are starting to put out more advances multitouch devices, so we are also starting to see real experimentation here..

3. Better binding between UX and Visual Design. It seems like designers and developers are startign to work better together.

Useless Face Tracking

Useful Face Tracking
Sweet Idea About Using Front Facing Eye Tracking in Mobile Devices, From TAT

Projectors on Mobile Phones

For the record, Im getting obsessed with projectors in mobile phones. I think it's gonna be the next big thing. Heres a prototype of a game mechanic.

Identity Mine and Solid Works 3D File Viewer For Surface

Phenom Blue Does a Medical Visualization on Surface
It's kinda cool for a guided tour. I'd like to see more client interaction though.

Note to self, that's the last time I eat cake!

Interesting Mapping App
I like the "Tractor Beams" that visually bind content together.

Nice Student Project

Palm Pre Review

I like how Palm has used the corners of the screen to call up background apps, like music.

Preview of Samsung Jet

The navigation with using accelerometers doesn't really seem to work, but it's an interesting idea.

Direct Manipulating Video From 22 Miles

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