Monday, July 27, 2009

Apple's New Tablet Will Look Like This

I generally avoid the Apple rumor mill, but this one looks real. Here's why I say this: the Financial Times also avoids the rumor mill...and they are siting multiple sources from different industries who are working on related licensing deals.

While the article reports an approximately 10" diagonal display, it is likely to be slightly smaller to enhance usability...about 9", in keeping with last year's report of a major display order.

This would make the device approximately 5" x 7.5". I think this is a great idea, because it allows:
- intense interaction at the edges of the device the device
- leaves the central area free for content
- and the whole device can still be touched when held in a position like the one below.

Amazon's Kindle's got a big bucket of trouble coming and I can't wait. I'm rushing over to the Apple Store to get in line!

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