Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In Depth Review of Amalga and Health Vault on Surface

Congress allocated $19 Billion of stimulus funding for create a national system for electronic medical records. Amalga and Healt Vault are big technologies to watch...and they may just be the killer app for Surface. This is incredibly useful technology and I'm rooting for it!

The patient experience could be dramatically enhanced with a couple of simple changes.

1. The current demo sets up a dynamic where only one user at a time can control the content. This will likely lead to a proscriptive experience for the patient. A couple of subtle changes could make the experience much more consultatitive.

In the demo's current iteration, the doctor really controls the show, pulling out files and controlling them.

Placing the controllers on the side of content will create for a much more consultative patient experience, decrease occlusion of the image and, in many cases, eliminate the need to rotate the images.



2. The text is likely too small to render properly and for older patients to read.

Building in a magnifier would do a lot to enhance legibility...and the amount of content that can be displayed at any given time.

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