Monday, July 27, 2009

Why Adobe is the Multitouch Company to Watch

To date, the Multitouch space is playing out much like other major interface changes. The small hardware companies like igesture, ntrig, etc. are getting gobbled up by the large competitors in the space.

What most analysts are missing is that the hardware and OS are irrelevant. Yes there will be a clear winner in the OS and Hardware...but these are commodities.

The big margins will be in enabling software development on top of these platforms. Verizon is rolling out high speed (think 1.5MBS) wireless internet...and the other major wireless players will follow. The combination of broadband at home and in the pocket means is that multitouch software won't be published for Windows or Mac. It will be published for the web

...and the go to company for web interfaces is Adobe. To date, Adobe has been vewy vewy quite about their activities...but hear this, they will be the company to contend with because they have the largest base of developers who design interfaces to work across browsers, providing stability while today's titans fight for the crumbs.

As long as Adobe stays standards compliant, Apple will eventually have to either let them in, block the applications that users want...they would rather do the former than become irrelevant.

If anyone at Adobe would like to chat, we are writing a book on designing multitouch interfaces and would really appreciate your perspective.

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