Monday, September 21, 2009

The 10 Best Articles on Multitouch

Multitouch Maven/Point and Do are a year old today! The unexpected joy of doing this blog has been the opportunity to meet so many unique and interesting people, both online and in person.

I've pulled what I think are last year's ten best posts for your enjoyment.

1. 5 Questions for Planning a Multitouch Interface

2. Creating Intuitive Gestures Using Object Orientation

3. Basic Human Factors for Multitouch/Interactive Displays

4. Critiquing James Bond's Multitouch Computer

5. Indirect vs. Direct Manipulation

6. New Multitouch Interface Conventions

7. The Coming Multitouch Gesture IP Wars

8. Why Microsoft's Future Vision Will Fail

9. Building an Effective Multitouch Keyboard

10. Why Microsoft is Smart to Open Digital Lifestyle Stores

This blog is a two way conversation. Drop a line. I'd love your feedback on where to go next.

Always Inspired.

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