Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nokia Thinks Head Mounted Displays Are the Future

This is such a cool Scifi meme, but I wish it would go away. There are two basic techniques for doing this.

One is to have powerful prisms within a centimeter the eye. These are highly fatiguing after a short time.

The second is to shoot lasers into people's eyeballs. Here's my prediction: shooting lasers into people's faces is an essentially scry idea and will never be socially acceptable. It's a shame. That future would be cool!

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  1. You say that laser-based displays won't work because they're scary, I disagree. I think it's mainly only scary for people who don't understand why it wouldn't be dangerous.

    Plus, there is plenty of popular technology that sounds like it would be dangerous when it was first introduced. Electricity, for instance, and microwaves, cell phones, internal combustion. There is resistance at first, but if it's truly useful people are even willing to trade a little security (see the death rate for cars) to gain a lot of convenience.

    I've believed for a long time that this is the true future of displays and that we will likely have no need for static displays on any device, or tvs in our homes for that matter, once it's advanced enough.

    It may be a niche product at first, only used by the young, wealthy, and geeky. But that's how ubiquitous tech usually starts. :) I think you underestimate the newest generation's willingness to try any new shiny gadget.