Friday, October 9, 2009

Something Big Just Happened in Search

Every once in a while, you see a technology that has the potential to change everything. This is one of those. One side of me asks why I spent 15 years learning how to draw crazy freehand 3 point perspectives. The other side says holy $##*$%*%$

While I'm not sure that this idea can really scale, it points to an interesting future where we are able to search for nonlinguistic content. As digital imaging devices (cameras, sonar, etc) start to incorporate 3D data mapping into their capture files (like the 3D mapping seen in Microsoft Natal), this sort of search will become much moe feasible...and it will change more than how we Google. It will change:
1. How we generate content (think 3D games without the cost of modelling and texturing)
2. How we manage copyright (Will Google license it and pay us in micropayments?)
3. In doing so, it will change the net economy.

This isn't science fiction. Microsoft, Google and likely Linden Labs are already exploring these ideas.